2016 Tour Of The Gila VIP Reception Invitations

My hometown bike race, Tour Of The Gila, hosts its major sponsors and supporters in a shaded area near the start line of the downtown criterium annually. The attendees can enjoy a lavish spread of food inspired by the French and drink inspired by the Germans.

In 2015 (the year I started a weekly newspaper, built a house and got married), the race directors recruited me to organize this VIP reception. I enjoyed every minute of throwing this party but especially loved designing the invitations. In 2015, I used a retro invitation template, but in 2016, I ran with my own funky idea.

The photo was just the touch I needed for this throwback to a simpler but just as stylish era of road racing.

See the Tour of the Gila's 30th Edition criterium race VIP Reception invites below.

Since my sister got married during Tour of the Gila race week this year, I didn't organize the 2017 VIP Reception. Maybe the directors will invite me back next year!